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Bulletin Board Ideas from The Spanish Teachers

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   All of the work that we have our students do daily is worthwhile for more than just their grades. Emphasizing their creative accomplishments benefits them as well. This can be done easily and for our own purpose of decorating the classroom by displaying their artwork.

   To begin this decorating task, choose the location for the displays. If  you already have a bulletin board you are well on your way. On the other hand if you are lacking in this space you need to be original with the wall space available to you. A few examples of being creative with wall space would be first if you have lots of windows make each section in between an area for just one of the classes. Another idea is if you have a decent size blank 

wall measure up 3' for the bottom of the bulletin area and up another 3' for the top of it. The size is just for what bulletin board paper was meant. The length of each section should be no more than 5 foot. It enables you to get the most out of rotating in and out the best pieces of work at different times during the year..

   Use bulletin board paper of different colors. By giving each section a different color you enhance the chances of the work displayed catching the eyes of all students. It may be necessary to seek other methods of papering if you do not have ready access to this type of paper. Ask the art room for construction paper and carefully tape the paper to the wall. Another source for background is sale material from places such as Wal-mart and JoAnn's. One more idea is wrapping paper, although it is often a bit shorter than 3'.

   Now for the edges. Since few of us can easily trim large pieces paper neatly, edges, just like trim in your home, or a frame on a photograph are necessary. Of course your first option is to purchase many unique ones from teacher stores. Another outlet for them can be found at dollar stores such as Dollar General or the Dollar Store during the month of August. Further do not be afraid to discuss the matter in the teacher's lounge, often teacher's have plenty of cast-offs that they will gladly share. A more creative approach is to make some yourself from poster board that is cut into 1 1/2" to 2" strips. Since there are a variety of colors of poster board to be used the possibilities just might be endless. Taking it a step further because you are the truly unique sort add more pizzazz by painting, drawing, or lettering the strips to your liking.

   As for the work to be displayed it is to your discretion. Do remember that students will often openly ask why one piece made it and others did not. In each different section put up only one class periods work. Try not to mix and match classes because the theme of each section will be lost. In addition label what each section is about for example if students have done pictures of animals of the Galapagos Islands make sure to have a label of that on this section. You can either have a student make the sign or make an easy one on the computer.

   Putting a students work up on the bulletin board is a lot like a parent pinning it to the refrigerator. Not only does it make these students proud it also encourages others to do better so that they can achieve a spot on the board as recognition for a job well done.

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