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decorating do's

   Getting tired of the same thing everyday takes your mind off of the wonderful world of teaching. Take back your classroom with easy decorating ideas that will perk you and your students up right away.

Find a focal point.
At times our rooms get overloaded with artwork. Between poster projects, arts, and crafts it can seem just like a bunch of clutter. Therefore when redecorating your room, pair down the student work once in a while and go for quality over quantity. Find one thing that would make a great centerpiece or focal point of your classroom and use that as your inspiration. At Christmas time place a tree in your room and jazz it up with lights and small arts and crafts cultural projects. Check with your school first to ensure that there are no rules against Christmas decorations. Give attention to a certain artist or musical instrument by assigning it a special place in the room, because students will take notice and learn more from the one item in this way.

Go green.
Plants and flowers bring a drab room to life. Houseplants improve the air quality and provide a sense of peace. Use items that you would find around your home in the classroom as vases such as Mason jars, teacups, or candle votives. Incorporate the décor into your lesson plans by having students document growth of plants in Spanish. Embrace the seasons by hanging a new wreath on your classroom door or windows. Display fresh flowers, such as sunflowers, tiger lilies or mums, on your desk or window sills for a cheery outlook in the room.

Dress up your knobs.
Spruce up your cabinets and file cabinets by painting or replacing the knobs and fixtures. Knobs can be found at home improvement stores, Wal-mart, Big Lots and other multi-purpose stores. New knobs are easy to install and an inexpensive way to add personalization.

As said before clear the clutter because it can be just as effective as adding something new. Try using decorative boxes or baskets to hold little items such as markers, compact discs, and scratch paper. Installing new shelving would be much too expensive on a teacher's budget but adding color to existing shelving is as far away as a can of paint. Check with your school to see if you can paint existing shelving first. Another suggestion is to use a decorative screen to hide the clutter. Place it in front of an area that just doesn't lend itself to clutter control.
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